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  • " After a burglary where my laptops were stolen, I approached PRC with the intention of tracking down the culprits and handing the details to the police. What I found that Paul really cares about the clients, personalised his services and tried his best. Unfortunately this didn’t work out but Paul followed up to see if everything was fine with us from time to time. I will have no qualms in recommending PRC to anyone in the future. "

    Adil Khan - Private Client

  • " I am a private individual who had a need for some advice concerning a and individual and a case which has been adversely affecting me over a long period of time. I contacted Paul on spec and he know nothing of me or the case. Without any obligation, he has provided me with genuine and valuable insights and information about the case and has helped me to obtain a professional perspective on how it should be handled in the future. He has come across as a most sincere and helpful individual and is undoubtedly knowledgeable and well informed in matters concerning criminal investigation. Without hesitation, I would recommend using Paul's services and I shall use his services if the case requires it in the future. "

    John Abel - Prospective Client

  • " Paul was recommended to me through a friend, I needed help with a finding someone who did not wish to be found. He was very professional and did exactly what I needed in a very short time, I cannot recommend him and his company highly enough "

    PAUL EVEREST - Private Client

  • "We cannot thank Paul Read enough for his advice. We were pursing an individual for non payment of an invoice for a considerable sum via our local solicitor. This individual was extremely efficient at giving us, our solicitor and process server the run around using different names and other clever avoiding tactics for many months. Eventually we were passed on to Paul Read with the intention of employing him to track down and prove the true identity of this individual. We supplied Paul with the little information we knew to that point. After a brief look at this information Paul, using his extensive experience and knowledge, gave us some sound advice which we acted on. This advice continued late into the evening by phone and text, for which we are extremely grateful, nothing was too much trouble. We were able to prove the identity of this person on the same day we received Paul’s advice! We have now received payment in full from the individual we were pursuing. Absolutely fantastic service, truly dedicated to supporting us as a small business with an extremely positive and reassuring manner. Thank you so much Paul. "

    M Warder - Private Client

  • " Paul Read has been assisting me with an extremely complex crime, that happened to me whilst I was abroad. He has been amazing. He has not only offered me a First Class Service, with his wealth of knowledge and expertise in investigative work, he has shown me a nothing too much trouble attitude in helping me pursue this criminal, something which I find quite rare these days. His investigative work has helped me trace a person (in less than 7 days) who I had been searching for the past 18 months, managing to give me an exact location and a background of this individuals movements in the past 18 months too. He has given me expert advice in assisting me in dealing with the police overseas, building my case and supplying evidence. His attention to detail and prompt responses to my emails and questions has no doubt helped me pursue my case abroad faster than I would have been able to alone, when all other UK channels failed me. He has been tremendously supportive and innovative in thinking out the box to give me a positive approach to pursue this case, when most would have given up! He has shown true dedication to my case, especially when I thought all was lost, and I cannot recommend this true gentleman enough, we need more people like this in this world. I would be more than happy to speak to anyone personally should you be thinking of hiring Paul, please ask Paul and I will be more than happy to speak to you. "

    Clare Paterson-Parker - Client

  • "Paul Read is a highly experienced investigator, well used to unravelling complex investigations and using cutting edge techniques to achieve high quality results for his clients. He has an extensive background in investigations on both the national and international stages. His key strong personal strengths include determination, tenacity and discretion."

    Trevor Symes - Former G1 Head of Investigations SOCA / National Crime Agency

  • “I had the pleasure of working with Paul as a fellow intelligence manager and know him as someone with a comprehensive knowledge of the full range of intelligence gathering techniques and the ability to apply them effectively. Later I worked with him as a highly effective investigation manager. Paul’s energetic and determined character coupled with his deep experience of investigations at all levels enabled him to lead his team to achieve considerable success, including innovating by securing the first prosecutions under new legislation.“

    Steve Cooper - Former NCA Intelligence Manager

  • “I have worked with Paul Read for the last nine years, on both major and complex investigations. He is extremely focussed on achieving excellence and delivering positive results. Paul is an experienced and able investigator with a proven track record. I have no hesitation in recommending him to your business. “

    Dave Shorey - NCA Branch Commander

  • “I have known Paul both professionally and personally for 16 years, having twice served on the National Crime Agency with Paul. Paul is a talented and thorough investigator, with a wealth of experience and knowledge in relation to investigations and surveillance. Paul achieved the rank of Senior Investigating Officer with the NCA and carried out his role diligently and professionally, demonstrating leadership and innovation in his work. His ability to think ‘outside the box’ makes Paul one of the most extremely well qualified and talented security consultants in the industry today.“

    Russel Hughes-Previous Investigator NCS and NCA

  • I have known Paul on a professional and personal basis for over 20 years. I have always admired his professional certitude and doggedness. He is intrepid and astute and a shrewd person who always endeavours to resolve problems with the utmost expediency. His multi disciplined background gives him a flexibility and a sophistication many others would lack. He has boundless energy and integrity; together with his wide ranging contacts throughout the world this makes him a formidable personality. His nimble intelligence and perceptive disposition is camouflaged by a friendly camaraderie. Definitely one to have on your side. To sum Paul up in four words, "Gets the job done"

    Allan James - Former Thames Valley /National Crime Squad detective

  • I had the pleasure of working with Paul during my time with the Serious Organised Crime Agency. He is a dedicated and highly professional individual with a wealth of experience in investigation work. His appetite for excellence is well known within the law enforcement community, often breaking new ground in prosecutions undertaken under new legislation. I have no doubt that Paul will be successful in his new business and future clients will soon realise that they have engaged a top class operative in a very competitive industry.

    Kevin Harrigan - former Soca Branch Commander

  • "A great site from a great company". I have known Paul Read for over 36 years, having served with him in the armed forces and can honestly say, that it is truly difficult in this day-and-age to find someone with the dedication, integrity, and professional expertise needed to provide impartial high quality security services. Paul Read and PR Consulting Ltd is a company you can trust. Paul is a dedicated individual with impeccable credentials, and a professional focus to get the task done.

    Steven McConnell - Former Army and Private security contractor

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"At PR Consulting we strive to provide all of our clients with world class service that many others just simply can't offer. We provide bespoke services that can be tailored to reach the needs of everyone, Furthermore with a can-do attitude and renowned attention to detail we are able to resolve and nullify complex situations under pressure." Paul Read Consulting Management

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