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Hot Fixs and Patches

13th Spetember 2015

  • Updated firefox specfic media query issue

12th September 2015

  • Multiple bottom menu styling fixs (SM, MD, LG)
  • Fixed spelling mistakes / Grammar on index page
  • Added Relevant logo's to bottom of index page
  • RSSSB Styling issues fixed
  • Major SM MD views of the contact form map updated
  • Mobile toggle style updated for better ussage
  • Fixed a paneling issue across all views
  • Implemented a fix for heading text across platforms
  • Changed bottom Menu link colours to be represent the colour scheme
  • Added sitemap into the footer
  • Added padding to changelog due to excessive entries
  • Fixed spelling mistakes on the contact page and updated to more relevant text

7th September 2015

  • Made some changes to the word structure of the front page.
  • Implementing some microdata for SEO

1st September 2015

  • Changed contact form & ticket page text to better represent user submissions

31 August 2015

  • Added .htacess html rewrite and changed links appropriately.
  • Added a custom 404 page and .htacess
  • Submitted google sitemap and created robots.txt *needs further updating
  • Updated style sheet to accomodate 404 page styling

26 August 2015

  • Fixed some underlying spacing issues on XS view
  • Fixed XS margin issues on contact button
  • Fixed some text align issues on H2's in service pages
  • Fixed some text align issues on bolded objects
  • Updated meta description to accomodate Google's optimal description value.
  • overflow-x CSS attribute causes highlighted text to move slightly.

25 August 2015

  • Added a subtle pattern background
  • Added further styling for hr tags
  • Fixed ticket form text size causing spacing issues
  • Created Linkedin page and updated associated social media buttons
  • Fixed an issue with social media popups - changed too new tab, Possible IE7 Implications

24 August 2015

  • Fixed some meta tag duplications, Waiting for sitemap generation.
  • Updated and added google analytics
  • Updated wording on main index page
  • Added Company number to bottom menu and contact page
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to match on contact page
  • Updated embeded google maps with correct location source

Known Bugs / Issues

Crtical / Urgent


    • Small view port devices currently have incorrect views, though functionality still remains.Partially Fixed - hotfixs


      Paul Read Consulting Brand


      Telephone (9-5 GMT): 0800 246 5101


      67-68 Hatton Garden, Holburn, London, EC1N 8JY, United Kingdom

      Registered Company
      Number: 9602966

      About Us

      Paul Read Consulting provides a plethora of services relating to Law Enforcement, Investigations, Fraud and Compliance, Security Management & Protective Services, Due Diligence, Vetting and Prevention, Risk Management, Specialist Services and much more. We aim to provide quality customer care and an outstanding service that goes above and beyond your expectations. Our brand and reputation is based on going that extra hurdle to ensure that any given task is completed to your entire satisfaction.