IT Security management & Protective Services

The IT technology landscape is changing at an increasing pace and along with it is the need to have systems and processes that provide security from unwanted and damaging viruses and those seeking to gain access to your valuable information and assets. We have highly qualified experts who are at the forefront of this specialist field. We provide advice and recommendations to ensure our clients IT Security management & Protective Services is at a level that reflects the sensitivity of the information held. We provide an end to end service ensuring that your individual IT Security management & Protective Services needs are fully met.

Private and Commerical IT audits

We will provide an end to end audit service for both commercial and private installations, ensuring that your data and IT systems are security compliant and prepared for the next form of ongoing threat. The risk today has increased with competitors always looking for the edge. To this end some have turned to crime or industrial espionage to penetrate organisations and obtain your data. We aim to complete a risk assessment based on your systems and data, providing recommendations and best practice.

Penetration Testing

PR Consulting can provide organisations with both physical intrusion testing to include infrastructure, buildings, offices and relevant services. Unfortunately the first weakness is generally once an incident or breach has occurred. Testing aims to prevent this and assists management in ensuring a robust security plan and adequate audit has been completed.

Consultation and Recommendations

As professionals within the security and investigation industry for many years, PR Consulting takes pride in ensuring that the very best possible solution and service delivery is made for our clients. Recommendations are always made after consultation ensuring that you as the end user are satisfied with the advice and products offered. No work is undertaken which is not agreed in writing and has not been authorised by the client beforehand. Trust, collaboration and co-operation are always at the forefront of everything we do.

System Upgrades & Installations

We can provide the latest up to date system upgrades and ensure that these are installed to your specific expectations. We aim to look at current systems and their function and how the best most comprehensive upgrade is achieved dependent on cost.

Data Forensics

PR Consulting have vast experience in retrieving data around IT systems and mobile IT devices. Our investigators are trained and adept in obtaining the electronic trail of data from these devices/systems. All of which need to be preserved and managed in such a way that their credibility and integrity remains intact especially if potential criminal, civil or discipline matters are contemplated . Our investigation consultants have the expertise to deliver this service in a way that suits the client’s needs, producing the data and statements of continuity in a way that a Court can use

Services we can provide:

  • Hard Disk recovery and investigation
  • E mail recovery including e-mail route tracing service
  • Recovery and reconstruction of deleted or trashed items
  • IP address location

These services can assist in the following investigations: Computer misuse in the workplace; Computer and internet fraud; Digital theft involving intellectual property; and Forensic accounting.

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